2017 National Conference

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  • 1A: Marketing - Brand & Design Thinking Innovation – Using DSM as a Springboard
  • 1A: Marketing - Brand & Design Thinking Innovation – Using DSM as a Springboard

    1B: Evaluation (Rapid Fire) - What’s it Worth? And for How Long?

    1C: Implementation - Help Me, Help You

    2A: Implementation - Cupid’s arrow – striking Energy Efficiency love into Property Owners and Tenants

    2C: Marketing - Customer Satisfaction & The Games We Play

    3ABC: General Session – Market Transformation: What does it mean for us, really?

    4A: Marketing - It’s Really Hard to Give Away Money

    4B: Cross Cutting - Partnerships Leading to Innovation (Panel)

    4C: Implementation - Split Personalities: HVAC

    5A: Marketing - The Digital Express – Hopping the Train to Digital Innovation

    5B: Evaluation - The Shortest Distance Between Two Points

    5C: Tools & Technology (Panel) - What Customers Want you to do with Their Thermostat Data

    6A: Policy (Panel) - Both Sides of the Meter Innovations

    6B: DR - Dynamic Pricing Update – Do we have a Pulse?

    6C: Implementation - Blueprints to Building Success

    7A: Evaluation - From Discovery to the Big Reveal

    7B: Implementation (Panel) - Code Talkers

    7C: Business Models - Targeted DSM: Sudafed for T&D Congestion

    7D: DR - Integrated Demand Side Management: Achieving the Promise of Engaging Customers to Deliver Peak and Electricity Savings

    8A: Behavior Programs (Panel) - The Rewards of Good Behavior (Programs)

    8B: Implementation – The River Runs Through It

    8C: Cross Cutting (Panel) - Plan Your Trip with a Customer Journey Map